Carnival of HR: Post-Election Reflection

Happy post-election, HR friends and welcome the end of a tumultuous year! What better way to finish things up than some Carnival of HR, bringing you the best of the HR blogging community.  And while there was not a theme for submission I can’t help but feel like one emerged from out of nowhere into existence… similar to how Trump emerged and won this election. 

Starting with Kasey Fleisher Hickey from Allay who writes about 3 Important HR Decisions You Need to Make, Right Away. It seems Trump is making some “big league” decisions right now and will be making many more in the next four years.

From Jennifer Miller at The People Equation she writes about a topic I know all too well: Why Silence at Work is a Good Thing—For Introverts and Extroverts Alike. Will Trump remain silent on Twitter and use it as a time of meditation and reflection as Jennifer suggest, not likely! 

Obama’s term in presidency is coming to an end, so from Stuart Rudner with Rudner MacDonald LLP we have The Latest Chapter in Employment Law: Termination Clause Saga Continues. Stuart warns about termination clauses and gives key advice on how to deal with with it delicately. 

And last but certainly not least, as Obama waves goodbye, Naomi Bloom join us from her blog In Full Bloom (I love a good pun) and discusses her retirement  and what comes next after a lengthy career in HR Technology: After A Half Century — “So Long And Thanks For All The Fish”.

Thanks to all who submitted and see you at the next Carnival!  

2 thoughts on “Carnival of HR: Post-Election Reflection

  1. Well, all this fuss about elections is reasonable, but still there's a need to focus on other important stuff. My daughters often do research paper writing for their university subjects. Recently, they had to write about elections. I think this is too much.


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