Your job application was rejected by a human, not a computer.

INTRO:Recently I attended a presentation where a commonly held belief was repeated and I feel the need debunk this. The speaker stated “75% of applications are rejected by an ATS (applicant tracking system) and a human never sees them…” First, I want to point out that recruiters will tell you this is false. As theContinue reading “Your job application was rejected by a human, not a computer.”

The Intersection of HR and Justice Work

A few weeks back, I was a guest speaker on DriveThurHR with Mike Vandervort and Robin Schooling. We discussed the intersection of HR and advocacy work.  There are parallels to advocacy work and HR functions. Perhaps there’s a tendency for HR to think the two things can’t coexist.  “Would my employer be okay with it?”“Would theyContinue reading “The Intersection of HR and Justice Work”

HR Summer School

I’m excited to announce an incredible event happening this summer – HR Summer School! Organized by Ben Eubanks, This event is a global, virtual HR summit that aims to be the largest in the world. It will be live-streamed June 1st through June 5th, and registration is FREE. Register here – Unlike most of the virtual contentContinue reading “HR Summer School”

Communication Is Still #1 Needed Skill

Years ago, I had the privilege of attending an IT conference in Pensacola with my spouse. At the time I wasn’t a presenter, but just a lowly HR generalist. I struck up a conversation with a young IT guy who was just starting out in management and we were casually conversing about our jobs. HeContinue reading “Communication Is Still #1 Needed Skill”

Book Review: You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

  A friend recommended this book to me because I’m currently unemployed because she said it’s uplifting, and so I figured it’d be a good motivational read. I always try to keep non-fiction, fiction, and self-help in rotation in my reading because I’m moody my mood shifts. Right now, I’m enjoying reading Tipping Points by Malcolm Gladwell,Continue reading “Book Review: You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero”

Pursuing an I/O Psychology Masters Degree (Part 1)

In 2016 I started my journey towards finding an I/O Psychology masters program. As of this past summer 2019, I’m officially a student in CSU’s Masters of Applied I/O Psychology. I’ve had a few people ask about I/O Psychology and how I came to this decision so here’s a bit of background.  A halfhearted MBA. About fourContinue reading “Pursuing an I/O Psychology Masters Degree (Part 1)”

It’s not a War on Talent, it’s a Competition.

Last week I had the privilege of attending the Northeast HR Association (NEHRA) Talent Acquisition conference in Boston. While my specialty isn’t recruitment I found it great to be in the room with passionate recruiters who truly want to merge candidate experience with new technology to forge ahead in this new competition for talent. theContinue reading “It’s not a War on Talent, it’s a Competition.”

Imagine HR Unleashed

Dear HR speakers, presenters, “gurus,” “thought-leaders,” Look, I get it. We’re the worst. We focus too much on transactional HR. We have difficulty thinking “outside the box.” We don’t push the envelope. We aren’t creative. We have trouble being the HR you want to see. But “Sally HR” has become a trope that’s overused regardlessContinue reading “Imagine HR Unleashed”