New site who dis?

Hi there. If you’ve landed here it’s for two reasons 1) you saw me speak and want to know more or 2) you’re a potential employer checking me out. Either way – welcome!

I offer insightful and practical research ideas on people strategies to add value to your organization. I’m a “social scientist” from a business perspective. Able to look at complex issues and distill them down into edible, practical application. In the end helping organizations maximize their human potential. Through cultivating the best human behaviors I can help create a team that thrives.

First a bit about me:

As an HR professional I learned versatility and exposure to diverse environments, industries, and communities. It strengthened my ability to asses needs, create strategies and collaborate on implementation. I brought insight and compassion to employee relations issues. I quickly became a trusted advisor to managers and employees.

As a Business professional I learned the importance of business acumen and management. It strengthened my leadership and work ethic, having worked harder than ever during an economic downturn. I brought stability, order, and structure to a chaotic environment. I implemented policies, standards, guidelines that created trust and constancy.

My diverse employment background taught me skills in negotiation, communication, and the “art of the sale.” It strengthened my ability to treat employees as customers – they are our product. I brought energy and joy to customers and became the figurehead of the training and development.

I’ve been able to rescue declining workforce and problematic cultures and turn them into communicative and vibrant communities. Reducing turnover, increasing work output, and creating environments where employees thrive.

I am currently looking for work with an organization who needs a “people solutions” pro with rationality and a heart. Environments that either want to create or retrain a human(e) culture with meeting growth goals. Work with internal or external clients that need talent solutions in training and development.

Take a look around and if you like what you hear – let’s chat!

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