How to Tell a Temp GTFO

I’m calling some manager’s out for not having the cajones to deal with temps.  Temporary workers are something that I’ve had a lot of experience using and there’s some good temp agencies and some bad. Is it just me or does it seem like managers don’t know what to do with temps upon termination? WhenContinue reading “How to Tell a Temp GTFO”

The Day HR Got Real #BRHRCarnival: It’s Business AND it’s Personal

Down here in the Red Stick there’s a few of us HR Bloggers who stand out as ladies in our field.  We’re ambitious, intelligent, and drink way too much… But in our moment of sober clarity we decided to all three of us post about our “Day HR Got Real.  Three real stories – fromContinue reading “The Day HR Got Real #BRHRCarnival: It’s Business AND it’s Personal”