Looking Back: 10 Things That Have Changed the Workplace

We’ve wrapped up the 20teens, and now that January is over we’re in full-blown 20adulting let’s take a look, shall we, at a few things that have changed the workplace (and HR) world in the past ten years. 1. Recovering from recession. In 2010 we were all faced with picking up the pieces of massiveContinue reading “Looking Back: 10 Things That Have Changed the Workplace”

File 13 Phrases

Here’s a few choice inappropriate comments that seem benign in nature but really have deeper vitriol. I vote that these are removed from office lexicon in 2016, who’s with me?“Working hard or hardly working?”This is just poor form. It implies jokingly that this person is a slacker. While it is in jest, be careful withContinue reading “File 13 Phrases”