Use your Social Media Network

I’ll be honest that I’m “connected” while at the office.  (Much to my boss’ chagrin) I very rarely have such a busy day that I’m not on Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. to just find some insight on something.  Mostly I interact with others, but occasionally I’ll read a few articles that strike my fancy.  Over the years both personally and professionally I’ve created a network of “peeps” who I can call friends or acquaintances.

A few days back I reached out via LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for a simple HR related question. I was at a loss as to how to answer and figured I’d throw it out there.  While I was waiting on a response (I figured it’d be a while) I searched Google (of course) to find the answer myself, even debated calling my insurance carrier to find out, and then of course asking my boss.  All my searches brought back advertisements, ehows, etc. but no real concrete information that I could trust or rely on.

But then, within minutes, I had the answer.  But not from Google or my boss…
My Social Media Network did the job for me.

HR Professionals, ones who are in the trenches, responded back to me to let me know not only what they practice, but what they’re opinions are on the issue I needed solved.  Some with methods I’d never heard about before.  One even offered to send me some documentation that I could use as a start.  And not only was this information reliable, many of them referenced sites I could go to, other resources I could call, they did the work for me.

To think that I’ve spent hundreds if not thousands in educational books, and even more on classes, to try to know all this information and none of them ever said… build a social network.

Lesson learned.

I highly recommend you utilize the resources you have.  You may not see them as resources, but someone in your Facebook, twitter, Google+ circles may have been through a similar situation and has some good insight.  If you’re looking for a job, need help with your resume, or your an HR professional who needs guidance… ask.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

2 thoughts on “Use your Social Media Network

  1. I couldn't' agree more – not only is social media a great networking tool, it also brings us the facts we need fast, and most news stories these days are broken on Twitter etc first, before making the papers or the 6 o'clock news.


  2. Social media is the best tool for us to get spot light on us. It could remarkably grow our business. And if we are looking for a job, social media sites like LinkedIn play a major role


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