Louisiana SHRM Conference 2012: Recap (Day 2)

You can view Day 1 here!  

Day 2:  

Ready for Day 2 and an educational Friday, that morning I attended the Employment Law and Legal Updates session presented by Steven Girffith, Jr.  Quite a bit of legalese to take in on a Friday morning (and after a late night), but Steven’s quick movement through changes in legal guidelines really was worth the review.  Especially as it concerned the most recent EEOC drug screening guidelines.  Afterwards I was able to ask a few questions specifically related to my company and felt I had a better grasp on the upcoming legal trends in HR.

After a quick break, I sat in on Cathy Missildine-Martin‘s session on Talent Management: How to Make Your Metrics Work.  This was a very informative and eye-opening session on capturing HR data and utilizing it for future organizational change.  From small businesses to large corporations, Cathy emphasized the need to “use” HR information and how it is a necessity to any business.  Her humorous and precise delivery really hit the mark and provided to great info to any HR Manager.  This was probably my favorite session of the whole conference and worth the time and effort.

After a quick lunch I decided to brave Dwane Lay‘s session on Lean HR: Systematic Improvement in Your Practice.  This session highlighted tools and skills drawn from Six Sigma practices and how they can be functional for organization and planning.  Dwane’s presentation included many references to the nerd-kingdom and equipped in a full white suit and fedora, kept everyone entertained.  This session gave me some great professional guidance on getting down to the root of problems and prioritizing to-dos (when everything feels like first priority).  Thus far I’ve utilized the Impact/Time chart in my own priorities, which helps me stay focused on important tasks.

Lastly, the conference ended with a General Session Keynote: Leading at the Next Level conducted by Scott Eblin.  Eblin’s book “The Next Level” discusses how to change the way we do things, to get the results we need.  Eblin used a open forum method presentation which allowed feedback from the audience and even some group session work.  Eblin asked each person to decide on one item that needs attention, in our group sessions our fellow colleagues had an opportunity to help us problem-solve these items – using our resources (Imagine that, Human Resources… using resources!) 

After some giveaways (I didn’t win anything) and many thank yous to sponsors, volunteers, etc., it was time to say goodbye to the 2012 Louisiana SHRM Conference.  I collected last minute numbers and e-mail addresses, thanked the organizers for a job well done and headed back home.


After some weeks of reflection, this conference was some much needed education and networking.  I have already contacted a couple of “HR gurus” from that conference on some items I needed help with (I created a “posse”! Talent Anarchy).  Also, as previously mentioned utilized  Dwane Lay‘s Impact/Time chart for my own personal planning purposes and fully intend to utilize it for future strategic planning within the company.  Per Cathy Missildine-Martin I’ve started collecting data (even at the barest minimum level) to help my company (as it grows) identify needs, issues, and/or concerns. And lastly, it’s directly apparent my need to finalize my HR certification within the next year, and thus I’ll need to continue to receive credits via conferences just as this one.

The LA SHRM conference was well-organized, educational, and entertaining.  I walked away with lots of SWAG and plenty of information for any HR needs myself or my company may have in the future.  Thanks to all the organizers, volunteers, and speakers.  It takes an army to put this together – well done!

P.S. Check out Dwane Lay’s SWAG video.  Just trust me.

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