Millenials are Your Future

I get tired of hearing every other article and blog post talking about how millennials are the “needy” generation.  How they don’t want to work, want to have flexible schedules, and want to be praised all the time… and the connotation that it is exhausting.

Excuse me for a bit… but what is wrong with that?

What kind of culture are we developing if we’re generalizing that an entire generation is wrong because they don’t want to work overtime and don’t keep their mouths shut.

Grow up, employers. This young generation is going to be your customer base and your millennials know more about them then you do.  Time to open your mind and take a leap of faith that they may have some great ideas.

Millennials offer a different perspective, a fresh new look, connectivity to the world (social media), and passion for wanting to be engaged.

Instead of looking at it as a detriment and wishing you had those “good ol’ workaholic Baby Boomers” change your strategy and embrace a new culture.

Get on the bandwagon.


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