Just Say No to Policy Dependence

“Do we have a policy on…?”“Can you pull a job description for…?”“I have a bunch of employees who….” These are comments I hear from managers on a daily if not weekly basis. And in my years in HR when I’ve heard them I’ve learned to ask questions to get to the root of the issue.Continue reading “Just Say No to Policy Dependence”

I Just Called To Say…

I work remotely every day. That means I’m sitting in an office miles away from my other locations and employees and therefore I can’t do the normal interaction which helps to build relationships. One of the small things I try to do is call the front desk whenever I’m looking for a manager or employee,Continue reading “I Just Called To Say…”

Fairy Tale Jobs: Tips on Making Your Workplace A Place Employees Want to Work In (Guest post by Ashley Shaw with XpertHR)

Photo from mydisneyadventures When children are asked what they want to be when they grow up, the answer is almost always about an overwhelmingly exciting opportunity, such as a princess or a superhero. What do kids look for in a future job? Usually, it’s fun, fame, and fortune. Even if you aren’t currently in theContinue reading “Fairy Tale Jobs: Tips on Making Your Workplace A Place Employees Want to Work In (Guest post by Ashley Shaw with XpertHR)”

"Hey, How’s it Going?"

I have a great boss right now.  It’s still early on to really determine as to whether or not this is a long-term fact or if I’m still in the honeymoon phase with the whole idea, but there’s one thing in particular that I like about my boss.  Every once and a while, at leastContinue reading “"Hey, How’s it Going?"”

A Balanced HR Partnership Can Impact the Bottom-Line (Guest post by Chris Ponder)

Flip to any HR site, blog, or article and you are likely to see someone discussing the role HR should play in today’s workplace. The discussion of HR’s role in the organization has been the talk for over a decade with HR department reviews ranging from driving the business forward to destructive, compliance police.In theContinue reading “A Balanced HR Partnership Can Impact the Bottom-Line (Guest post by Chris Ponder)”

Organizational Charts – 5 Reasons Your Employees Love Them

Courtesy of http://oldsaltshaker.blogspot.com In the multiple small businesses I’ve worked for, there’s one thing that it seems management never wants to do that employees love:  Organizational Charts. Often the gripe I’ve heard is that Organizational Charts are a) a waste of time, b) change too often so what’s the point of making one and c) who has the time.Continue reading “Organizational Charts – 5 Reasons Your Employees Love Them”

Lessons in HR from Tron

At the risk of completely nerding it up, I’m a big Tron fan and have found much insight from the movie. It’s amazing how they apply to the business world.   Enjoy! Performance ExpectationsSark: Greetings. The Master Control Program has chosen you to serve your system on the Game Grid. Those of you who continueContinue reading “Lessons in HR from Tron”

Millenials are Your Future

I get tired of hearing every other article and blog post talking about how millennials are the “needy” generation.  How they don’t want to work, want to have flexible schedules, and want to be praised all the time… and the connotation that it is exhausting. Excuse me for a bit… but what is wrong with that? What kindContinue reading “Millenials are Your Future”