Best Blog Posts of 2012

I collect words of wisdom to help my professional development. Here’s a look back at some that really were worth the CTRL+C & CTRL+V. Here they are:

When I think about my own experiences where I was not a cultural fit, the friction and tension I felt was rooted in the desire for acceptance and belonging. The problem was lack of interest in these cultures to accept me as I was. To belong, I was expected to change, to learn to fit in. I think this is the norm based on the stories I hear from the people I meet. And generally, the more we try to change who we are as individuals to fit in, the less happy and successful we are. So, working to achieve cultural fit might actually be working directly against things we desire in our organizations like optimum performance. Jason Lauritsen – Is Organizational Fit Really a Good Thing?

Have an agenda – what it is specifically we need to talk about and what it is we need to accomplish; it doesn’t need to be pretty or extensive – just a few bullet points, please Be willing to say “I don’t know, but I’ll find out” rather than wasting my time while you make something up Pay attention to my non-verbal cues: if I start to nod off, check my e-mail, pick my nose, or pound my forehead on the desk, chances are you’ve lost me Pay attention to my verbal cues: if I’m trying to interrupt you – trying to get a word in edgewise – then chances are I’ve heard enough and need you to move on Remember what it is we talked about last time, the time before that and the time before that…because I don’t need to talk about it again Schedule only half the time you were originally inclined to schedule – it will force you to give your message a big fat haircut Resist your urge to speak just so “you’re heard.” If you were ever coached to say something at every group meeting even if it means repeating something already said, your coach should be taken out back and spanked Start at the End of the story and then work backwards…if necessary. I’ll tell you if I need more of the story and how much more of it I need. It’s so much easier to ask for more detail than it is to suffer through too much of it. HRFishbowl – Context is Mostly Crap

I think we need to push each other more… to innovate… not evolutionary, revolutionary… I think it is what is required us. In doing so, we open ourselves up to criticism which again is awkward but necessary. Fistful Of Talent: William tincup – Are We Misunderstood?

Here’s the quote from Mr. Catmull: “The important thing is not the idea, the important thing is the people its how they work together, who they are that matters most.”Steve Boese – The Important Things is Not the Idea

We all deserve dignity and respect; however, meaningful work is not a right. It is an honor and privilege earned through a little bit of pain and suffering. Laurie Ruettimann – Meaningful Work is an Earned Privlege

Now is your time. It’s the only time you have. Emily Bennington – A Little Ditty About Now

Here’s to a new year and a new collection of great wisdom!

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