I don’t expect perfection from my co-workers, employees, managers, etc.I don’t expect days free from stress.I don’t expect all work to get done accurately.I don’t expect work to even get done on time. I do expect composure.In fact, I demand it. Most of the situations I deal with in employee relations distill themselves down toContinue reading “Gravitas.”

"Hey, How’s it Going?"

I have a great boss right now.  It’s still early on to really determine as to whether or not this is a long-term fact or if I’m still in the honeymoon phase with the whole idea, but there’s one thing in particular that I like about my boss.  Every once and a while, at leastContinue reading “"Hey, How’s it Going?"”

Best Blog Posts of 2012

I collect words of wisdom to help my professional development. Here’s a look back at some that really were worth the CTRL+C & CTRL+V. Here they are: When I think about my own experiences where I was not a cultural fit, the friction and tension I felt was rooted in the desire for acceptance andContinue reading “Best Blog Posts of 2012”

Organizational Charts – 5 Reasons Your Employees Love Them

Courtesy of In the multiple small businesses I’ve worked for, there’s one thing that it seems management never wants to do that employees love:  Organizational Charts. Often the gripe I’ve heard is that Organizational Charts are a) a waste of time, b) change too often so what’s the point of making one and c) who has the time.Continue reading “Organizational Charts – 5 Reasons Your Employees Love Them”

Overqualified Candidates

via I’ve been asked multiple times at conferences and by executives a common question, “What are your thoughts on hiring someone who is overqualified?” I never understand why Managers are very often hesitant to hire a candidate with years of experience or who have worked in a “higher ranked” position than they are applying. To me it’s like finding theContinue reading “Overqualified Candidates”