Training is Like Unsubscribing

Training is a lot like unsubscribing…

You know how you have those emails that pop up from places you previously purchased items online, or a online club you joined, or simply just spam.  And when it pops into your e-mail inbox – what do you do?


A few days, maybe a week, or even a month goes by… and there it is again “Billy Bob’s Surf Board Emporium” with the latest sales of the week…


And the cycle continues…


And if you had only looked at Billy Bob’s message… scrolled down and took the time to read the fine print, you would have seen the word “Unsubscribe.”

It would prevent all your trouble! Gain back the seconds spent per email!

And yet…


It’s not unlike not training our employees.  (The moral emerges!)

We get so caught up in e-mails, task lists, meetings, just the day to day… that we forget to train our employees.  We spend what seems like a minutia of time redoing things done wrong, redoing it for them, or just making excuses and moving on.  When in reality, if we had just taken the extra time to train them on the items needed from them, in the long run, we’d have saved ourselves the time.

We’re essentially shooting ourselves in the foot.  And by allowing the cycle to continue, a by product is, an employee essentially learning the “wrong” things.

Break the cycle.  Take the time to show them your needs.  Gain back those precious minutes (if not hours).  Unsubscribe.

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