HRTact blog is back up and running!

I’m blowing the dust off this blog and back atcha with some HR wisdom and more! Let’s recap on what I’ve been up to:  I co-started a non-profit community activist organization.  In the wake of the 2016 election, I became connected to my local community and co-founded a non-profit advocacy organization that focuses on civicContinue reading “HRTact blog is back up and running!”

Louisiana SHRM 2013 Recap

I’m a month behind in posting my recap and I 100% blame it on my new employer.  I’m delighted to be in a job that has me very busy with traveling, training, and dealing with issues all day long.  My evenings and weekends have filled up with catching up on family matters so this isContinue reading “Louisiana SHRM 2013 Recap”

Louisiana SHRM Conference 2012: Recap (Day 2)

You can view Day 1 here!  Day 2:   Ready for Day 2 and an educational Friday, that morning I attended the Employment Law and Legal Updates session presented by Steven Girffith, Jr.  Quite a bit of legalese to take in on a Friday morning (and after a late night), but Steven’s quick movement throughContinue reading “Louisiana SHRM Conference 2012: Recap (Day 2)”

Louisiana SHRM Conference 2012: Recap (Day 1)

When I arrived in New Orleans armed with business cards and my gigantic smile I had no idea what was in store for me at the LA SHRM Conference.  This was my first time participating in an HR conference and really my first opportunity to network on such a large scale.  Let me tell youContinue reading “Louisiana SHRM Conference 2012: Recap (Day 1)”