Wave Your Freak Flag

Hr professionals should be weird. I’m just sayin.
I don’t mean creepy stalkering weird, but kooky, quirky and different.

If we’re in the business of embracing diversity and creating a culture of openness then we should not be the “norm” What I mean by that is that at the heart of every HR person is someone who challenges the status quo.

Our basic function is to make it work.  Within the guidelines and boundaries of regulations and best practices, but ultimately to make all the cogs in the crazy clock fit together and work.  This takes a keen mind, someone with a new perspective, and a little but of crazy.

In my time in HR I’ve always found I’m the “odd ball” in the group.  Perhaps it’s my age (a young professional).  Or that I’m a geek (video games, and Dungeons and Dragons).  Or maybe that I’m just a little “left of center.”

But whatever the reason I’ve found that HR people tend to “get” each other.  At conferences, local SHRM meetings, and networking I find that when we sit down it all clicks.  And , in my opinion, we all tend to collaborate well with each other because we share the common bond of “uniqueness.”

So to quote, Talent Anarchy, WAVE YOUR FREAK FLAG!  Be the different person in the office, hold on to that “out of the box” thinking and use it to help your business embrace change, new ideas, and new beginnings.

Do you find yourself to be the oddball in the office?  How has your “freakiness” helped in your job?

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