Sick and Tired (Guest Post by Jay Kuhns)

I must be coming down with something. That has to be it. What else could explain that sinking feeling in my stomach when I think about…well…you know. Maybe I’m not sick. Perhaps I’m just worn out…overextended…tired. Yes, I’m tired. There’s really no other explanation for… know.
Or maybe you don’t.
What’s Going On
Normally I feel pretty energized about life. Whether it is my work, the team of people around me, the challenges we face, or the creative flexibility we have to solve our problems, I am definitely one of the lucky few who gets fired up about his job.

Lately though something has changed. Not with my work, but with my perceptions of my colleagues. Somehow they don’t seem to share the same enthusiasm for the things I’m passionate about. Thinking big, getting out of traditional HR roles to partner with other Executives and impact not only the organization but the community (or nation!) are on my radar screen.
But sadly, far too many of my colleagues are worrying about data entry, transactional work, the latest regulations or the opportunity to punish smokers on the health plan. Are these the issues I should be focused on too?
Not Gonna Do It
Now I know why I’m feeling a little off. You see, the group of people I call colleagues are really bright people who have a lot of experience in HR. Many of them are in the health care side industry too. But they aren’t ready to get out of the rut of HR excuses and move into true leadership behaviors. Yes, behaviors. Who cares if someone has given you the “seat” you’re chasing? That doesn’t matter.
Act like you own the damn furniture store.
I’m feeling better now…thanks for listening. By the way…if you’re tired of old HR please reach out to me. We have a lot of work to do together.

Jay has served as the Vice President of Human Resources for All Children’s Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine in St. Petersburg, Florida since 2008, and has nearly two decades of human resources experience in the healthcare industry.  Prior to joining All Children’s, Jay spent seven years with HCA in the Tampa Bay area; and before relocating to Florida he was with the United Health Services Healthcare System for seven years in Upstate New York. Jay gets fired up about lots of things including social media, his leadership blog NoExcusesHR, doing HR differently, and watching more hockey than anyone should. Follow him on Twitter @jrkuhns or connect on Linkedin.

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