Imagine HR Unleashed

Dear HR speakers, presenters, “gurus,” “thought-leaders,” Look, I get it. We’re the worst. We focus too much on transactional HR. We have difficulty thinking “outside the box.” We don’t push the envelope. We aren’t creative. We have trouble being the HR you want to see. But “Sally HR” has become a trope that’s overused regardlessContinue reading “Imagine HR Unleashed”

Saying "Yes and…"

I absolutely love Tina Fey.  30 Rock is one of the shows that after one episode on Netflix I find myself having watched 5 in a row and giggling the entire time.  I relate to her character Liz Lemon who is in a position of high authority and responsibility, but insecure in her decision making, just likeContinue reading “Saying "Yes and…"”