Imagine HR Unleashed

Dear HR speakers, presenters, “gurus,” “thought-leaders,” Look, I get it. We’re the worst. We focus too much on transactional HR. We have difficulty thinking “outside the box.” We don’t push the envelope. We aren’t creative. We have trouble being the HR you want to see. But “Sally HR” has become a trope that’s overused regardlessContinue reading “Imagine HR Unleashed”

Treat Your Employees Like Customers

My first 8 years of my professional life I was in the customer service industry.  I had the fortunate opportunity that my employer sent me away to trainings and certifications to become a Customer Service trainer.  Part of our New Employee Orientation consisted of actual customer service trainings.  It didn’t matter if you were a executive level employee orContinue reading “Treat Your Employees Like Customers”