Book Review: You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

  A friend recommended this book to me because I’m currently unemployed because she said it’s uplifting, and so I figured it’d be a good motivational read. I always try to keep non-fiction, fiction, and self-help in rotation in my reading because I’m moody my mood shifts. Right now, I’m enjoying reading Tipping Points by Malcolm Gladwell,Continue reading “Book Review: You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero”

Imagine HR Unleashed

Dear HR speakers, presenters, “gurus,” “thought-leaders,” Look, I get it. We’re the worst. We focus too much on transactional HR. We have difficulty thinking “outside the box.” We don’t push the envelope. We aren’t creative. We have trouble being the HR you want to see. But “Sally HR” has become a trope that’s overused regardlessContinue reading “Imagine HR Unleashed”


I don’t expect perfection from my co-workers, employees, managers, etc.I don’t expect days free from stress.I don’t expect all work to get done accurately.I don’t expect work to even get done on time. I do expect composure.In fact, I demand it. Most of the situations I deal with in employee relations distill themselves down toContinue reading “Gravitas.”

10 Life/Work Lessons from 2012

It isn’t all about you. It’s about them.  Communication truly helps solve most problems.  Have goals.  Mistakes are learning opportunities.  Find a mentor and them shower them with thanks for their help.  Exercise everyday.  Join a group, go to a conference, use social media – Network.  Listen more. Talk less.  You are not your job, but youContinue reading “10 Life/Work Lessons from 2012”