I Learned It From Watching You

My work ethic comes from my father. Maybe that’s not the best opening of a blog post. And maybe I should have lead with some father-daughter story that makes you ooey-gooey nostalgic, but put simply, my dad is a huge influence in how I do things at the office. Sorry, boss, next time you complainContinue reading “I Learned It From Watching You”

All I Really Need to Know I Learned at Work

So I’m leaving one job and starting another.  It’s a great move and very much a career opportunity for the better (I hope). Essentially at my previous position I was in transactional HR and while I’ll still be doing some of that mostly it will be employee relations which is truly where I’m passionate aboutContinue reading “All I Really Need to Know I Learned at Work”

10 Life/Work Lessons from 2012

It isn’t all about you. It’s about them.  Communication truly helps solve most problems.  Have goals.  Mistakes are learning opportunities.  Find a mentor and them shower them with thanks for their help.  Exercise everyday.  Join a group, go to a conference, use social media – Network.  Listen more. Talk less.  You are not your job, but youContinue reading “10 Life/Work Lessons from 2012”