Organizational Charts – 5 Reasons Your Employees Love Them

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In the multiple small businesses I’ve worked for, there’s one thing that it seems management never wants to do that employees love:  Organizational Charts. Often the gripe I’ve heard is that Organizational Charts are a) a waste of time, b) change too often so what’s the point of making one and c) who has the time.

So why are they important? and why are your employees screaming for them?

  1. Defines Roles. Everyone wants to know what am I responsible for, who am I, and what is my role.  Essentially org charts force management to make a decision as to responsibility and management.  Departments become clearly defined and roles are established. 
  2. Who’s the Boss? Nothing can piss of an employee more than to not know who’s in charge or even worse to have 6 bosses.  “Who do I request vacation time from?” It’s a simple question and they want to know the answer. Org Charts force a hierarchical structure.  So maybe they have dotted lines or perhaps 6 bosses above them, but at least they know who’s in charge. 
  3. Transparency. Multiple departments, multiple divisions, location challenges, and knowing who-is-who.  Employees take interest in knowing “how the business runs.” An org chart shows other areas and departments they don’t directly see or know about. 
  4. Declutter. Org charts can reveal duplicate job duties, create structure, and reveal needs.  It’s like cleaning out your pantry and wondering why you ever needed that “Cream of Oyster Sauce” in the first place. 
  5. Planning Future Growth. While doing an org chart opportunities for new areas, new job functions, etc. comes to light.  It becomes a map towards the future growth areas of the company and where the “manpower” needs to be allocated. 
From the part-time receptionist to the VP of Operations, organizational charts are a necessity in any size business.  New employees get acquainted faster with the inner workings of the business and “seasoned” employees have more structure. Take a look at your business and ask yourself, would any of the above 5 help?  I guarantee it would. 

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