Organizational Charts – 5 Reasons Your Employees Love Them

Courtesy of In the multiple small businesses I’ve worked for, there’s one thing that it seems management never wants to do that employees love:  Organizational Charts. Often the gripe I’ve heard is that Organizational Charts are a) a waste of time, b) change too often so what’s the point of making one and c) who has the time.Continue reading “Organizational Charts – 5 Reasons Your Employees Love Them”

We can’t all be cheerleaders…

photo credit: crawford orthodontics via photopin cc  When I was in 8th grade I decided that I was going to try out to be a cheerleader.  Having never done this before, I was always in sports, but never anything so girly as Cheerleading.  And at the time I was a black lipstick and nail polish wearing, constantly in cut offContinue reading “We can’t all be cheerleaders…”

Is my Employer responsible for my happiness?

Answer: No. However, you’re employer is responsible for communication and feedback. How are the two different? Happiness can be defined in many different forms when it comes to employees. Some want training and education, others want a simple 9 to 5, some want more responsibility, others less.  In the Employer/Employee relationship catering to every whimContinue reading “Is my Employer responsible for my happiness?”

Creating Expectations

Career development is something employees scream for and management rarely has time for.  And the huge different between the two schools of thought is that employees view career development as the company’s responsibility and management views it as the employee’s responsibility. So who’s right here?  Both and neither. First, it starts with having something that defines theContinue reading “Creating Expectations”