Louisiana SHRM 2013 Recap

I’m a month behind in posting my recap and I 100% blame it on my new employer.  I’m delighted to be in a job that has me very busy with traveling, training, and dealing with issues all day long.  My evenings and weekends have filled up with catching up on family matters so this isContinue reading “Louisiana SHRM 2013 Recap”

Interviewing Sandy Michelet

We’re less than two weeks away from Louisiana SHRM Conference and it’s time for another post in our series of “meet the Speakers!” Sandy will be speaking on “Do Re Me – How Thinking like a Musician can build a Better Team….and a Better Organization” which discusses how to think like a musician and useContinue reading “Interviewing Sandy Michelet”

Interviewing The Buzz on HR (Sarah Williams)

As of today, we’re only a month away from Louisiana SHRM Conference! What better way to start getting the “buzz” out there than to interview a fellow HR colleague and speaker of the conference, our good friend “The Buzz on HR” or Sarah Williams. Sarah will be speaking on “How to Be an HR SuperContinue reading “Interviewing The Buzz on HR (Sarah Williams)”