"Hey, How’s it Going?"

I have a great boss right now.  It’s still early on to really determine as to whether or not this is a long-term fact or if I’m still in the honeymoon phase with the whole idea, but there’s one thing in particular that I like about my boss.  Every once and a while, at leastContinue reading “"Hey, How’s it Going?"”

Performance Evaluations, You’re Doing Them Wrong

So I’m not a huge fan of performance evaluations.  I’m kind of on the fence about the entire practice. In some environments that are able to support it, I think it’s easier just getting rid of them and create a “constant feedback” but that takes training, time, investment, and continual effort from everyone.  Whereas, the traditional performance evaluation methodContinue reading “Performance Evaluations, You’re Doing Them Wrong”

Adam and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Communication

I once had an employee (we’ll call him Adam) and Adam was a “slacker”.  He was downright lazy, never completed things on time, always goofing around on the job, and never worked on stuff we wanted him to work on.  Despite this, Adam was brilliant.  In brainstorming sessions, group work, or just in talking to him, youContinue reading “Adam and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Communication”

We can’t all be cheerleaders…

photo credit: crawford orthodontics via photopin cc  When I was in 8th grade I decided that I was going to try out to be a cheerleader.  Having never done this before, I was always in sports, but never anything so girly as Cheerleading.  And at the time I was a black lipstick and nail polish wearing, constantly in cut offContinue reading “We can’t all be cheerleaders…”

Is my Employer responsible for my happiness?

Answer: No. However, you’re employer is responsible for communication and feedback. How are the two different? Happiness can be defined in many different forms when it comes to employees. Some want training and education, others want a simple 9 to 5, some want more responsibility, others less.  In the Employer/Employee relationship catering to every whimContinue reading “Is my Employer responsible for my happiness?”

The 7 Stages of Negative Feedback

Ever been in a situation where you’ve had to give professional negative feedback or receive it yourself? If you’ve been in either situation – it’s tough.  From both sides of the table.  In my career I’ve had to tell employees that their performance isn’t meeting expectations and it always leaves me with an upset stomach.  I can’t imagine thatContinue reading “The 7 Stages of Negative Feedback”