Just Say No to Policy Dependence

“Do we have a policy on…?”“Can you pull a job description for…?”“I have a bunch of employees who….” These are comments I hear from managers on a daily if not weekly basis. And in my years in HR when I’ve heard them I’ve learned to ask questions to get to the root of the issue.Continue reading “Just Say No to Policy Dependence”

Look for the Right Fit

Ask any applicant that I interview and they’ll tell you that I talk a great deal about looking for “the right fit.”  (I don’t make it a rule to talk too much during an interview, of course, interviews are about getting the applicant to talk as much as you can).  But the one thing I want a possibleContinue reading “Look for the Right Fit”

Being Honest

If you ever tell anyone you’re an HR Manager invariably you will have someone e-mail you or ask you to “look at my resume” or “can you fix my cover letter” or “any tips for my interview”… It’s this last one I’d like to focus on. Folks are shocked when my first recommendation for interviews is two wordsContinue reading “Being Honest”