SpongeBob and The Human Resources Guy

How employee’s view HR I recently caught an episode of SpongeBob that made me giggle. “Selling Out” is an episode where Mr. Krabs sells the Krusty Krabs to a franchise.  They are a big corporation and make a bunch of big changes and hilarity ensues.  Watch a clip here. First, I love SpongeBob.  In factContinue reading “SpongeBob and The Human Resources Guy”

The Day HR Got Real #BRHRCarnival: It’s Business AND it’s Personal

Down here in the Red Stick there’s a few of us HR Bloggers who stand out as ladies in our field.  We’re ambitious, intelligent, and drink way too much… But in our moment of sober clarity we decided to all three of us post about our “Day HR Got Real.  Three real stories – fromContinue reading “The Day HR Got Real #BRHRCarnival: It’s Business AND it’s Personal”

Sick and Tired (Guest Post by Jay Kuhns)

I must be coming down with something. That has to be it. What else could explain that sinking feeling in my stomach when I think about…well…you know. Maybe I’m not sick. Perhaps I’m just worn out…overextended…tired. Yes, I’m tired. There’s really no other explanation for…well..you know. Or maybe you don’t. What’s Going On Normally I feelContinue reading “Sick and Tired (Guest Post by Jay Kuhns)”

A Balanced HR Partnership Can Impact the Bottom-Line (Guest post by Chris Ponder)

Flip to any HR site, blog, or article and you are likely to see someone discussing the role HR should play in today’s workplace. The discussion of HR’s role in the organization has been the talk for over a decade with HR department reviews ranging from driving the business forward to destructive, compliance police.In theContinue reading “A Balanced HR Partnership Can Impact the Bottom-Line (Guest post by Chris Ponder)”

Interviewing Sandy Michelet

We’re less than two weeks away from Louisiana SHRM Conference and it’s time for another post in our series of “meet the Speakers!” Sandy will be speaking on “Do Re Me – How Thinking like a Musician can build a Better Team….and a Better Organization” which discusses how to think like a musician and useContinue reading “Interviewing Sandy Michelet”

Interviewing Robin Schooling

We’re weeks away from Louisiana SHRM Conference! Here’s another post in our series of “meet the Speakers!”  Robin will be speaking on “HR’s Turning Point: Are You Staying in Place or Moving Forward?” which discusses the evolution of HR and how upcoming rends require HR practitioners to change. So without further ado… What made you decideContinue reading “Interviewing Robin Schooling”

Lessons in HR from Tron

At the risk of completely nerding it up, I’m a big Tron fan and have found much insight from the movie. It’s amazing how they apply to the business world.   Enjoy! Performance ExpectationsSark: Greetings. The Master Control Program has chosen you to serve your system on the Game Grid. Those of you who continueContinue reading “Lessons in HR from Tron”

Wave Your Freak Flag

Hr professionals should be weird. I’m just sayin.I don’t mean creepy stalkering weird, but kooky, quirky and different. If we’re in the business of embracing diversity and creating a culture of openness then we should not be the “norm” What I mean by that is that at the heart of every HR person is someone whoContinue reading “Wave Your Freak Flag”