Use your Social Media Network

I’ll be honest that I’m “connected” while at the office.  (Much to my boss’ chagrin) I very rarely have such a busy day that I’m not on Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. to just find some insight on something.  Mostly I interact with others, but occasionally I’ll read a few articles that strike my fancy.  OverContinue reading “Use your Social Media Network”

Louisiana SHRM Conference 2012: Recap (Day 2)

You can view Day 1 here!  Day 2:   Ready for Day 2 and an educational Friday, that morning I attended the Employment Law and Legal Updates session presented by Steven Girffith, Jr.  Quite a bit of legalese to take in on a Friday morning (and after a late night), but Steven’s quick movement throughContinue reading “Louisiana SHRM Conference 2012: Recap (Day 2)”

Louisiana SHRM Conference 2012: Recap (Day 1)

When I arrived in New Orleans armed with business cards and my gigantic smile I had no idea what was in store for me at the LA SHRM Conference.  This was my first time participating in an HR conference and really my first opportunity to network on such a large scale.  Let me tell youContinue reading “Louisiana SHRM Conference 2012: Recap (Day 1)”

Look for the Right Fit

Ask any applicant that I interview and they’ll tell you that I talk a great deal about looking for “the right fit.”  (I don’t make it a rule to talk too much during an interview, of course, interviews are about getting the applicant to talk as much as you can).  But the one thing I want a possibleContinue reading “Look for the Right Fit”

Top Ten Suggestions to your Resume and Cover Letter

I’ve been doing a bunch of resume and cover letter review for some friends and family members.  I actually enjoy doing this cause it gives me an opportunity to impart my wisdom and experience to helping someone close to me find the right job (notice I didn’t put “a job”). Also, I get a feel forContinue reading “Top Ten Suggestions to your Resume and Cover Letter”

Being Honest

If you ever tell anyone you’re an HR Manager invariably you will have someone e-mail you or ask you to “look at my resume” or “can you fix my cover letter” or “any tips for my interview”… It’s this last one I’d like to focus on. Folks are shocked when my first recommendation for interviews is two wordsContinue reading “Being Honest”

Top Ten DON’Ts when looking for a job!

Here at HRTact we recently compiled a great list of some of our favorite (and very common!) Resume Blunders and Interview No-no’s that have personally ticked us off, or were just all around a “bad idea.”  These are some “in real life” faux-pas that we had the joy of experiencing.  Here we have them numbered andContinue reading “Top Ten DON’Ts when looking for a job!”