Millenials are Your Future

I get tired of hearing every other article and blog post talking about how millennials are the “needy” generation.  How they don’t want to work, want to have flexible schedules, and want to be praised all the time… and the connotation that it is exhausting. Excuse me for a bit… but what is wrong with that? What kindContinue reading “Millenials are Your Future”

Is my Employer responsible for my happiness?

Answer: No. However, you’re employer is responsible for communication and feedback. How are the two different? Happiness can be defined in many different forms when it comes to employees. Some want training and education, others want a simple 9 to 5, some want more responsibility, others less.  In the Employer/Employee relationship catering to every whimContinue reading “Is my Employer responsible for my happiness?”

Questions You Should Be Asking During An Interview

If you’re a job seeker then you’ve hopefully had your fair share of job interviews.  While in them you’re given a barrage of question about your experience, education, and personality… And while you may be anxious and excited to “land” this position, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons and Looking For theContinue reading “Questions You Should Be Asking During An Interview”

Creating Expectations

Career development is something employees scream for and management rarely has time for.  And the huge different between the two schools of thought is that employees view career development as the company’s responsibility and management views it as the employee’s responsibility. So who’s right here?  Both and neither. First, it starts with having something that defines theContinue reading “Creating Expectations”

Wave Your Freak Flag

Hr professionals should be weird. I’m just sayin.I don’t mean creepy stalkering weird, but kooky, quirky and different. If we’re in the business of embracing diversity and creating a culture of openness then we should not be the “norm” What I mean by that is that at the heart of every HR person is someone whoContinue reading “Wave Your Freak Flag”

SQL Saturday Conference – Baton Rouge

If you are located in and around the Baton Rouge area and free on Saturday, August 4th please come to the SQL Saturday Conference in Baton Rouge. SQL Saturday is a  free 1-day training event for IT professionals that focus on providing a variety of high-quality technical sessions by local volunteers.   Fro the career developmentContinue reading “SQL Saturday Conference – Baton Rouge”

Microsoft: A Business-School Case Study

Recently Vanity Fair released an article talking about Microsoft and some terrible management that will potentially cost it its entire future.  In the article some key executives discussed how innovation was stifled at every turn and a “stack ranking” management system put every employee on edge. When I read this article I was shocked.  First, generally, one wouldContinue reading “Microsoft: A Business-School Case Study”

Treat Your Employees Like Customers

My first 8 years of my professional life I was in the customer service industry.  I had the fortunate opportunity that my employer sent me away to trainings and certifications to become a Customer Service trainer.  Part of our New Employee Orientation consisted of actual customer service trainings.  It didn’t matter if you were a executive level employee orContinue reading “Treat Your Employees Like Customers”

The Handbook Doesn’t Say I Have To Do That (A Guest post by TheBuzzonHR)

I got a call from a crying employee one Friday afternoon. She said her manager was changing her schedule beginning Monday and she wouldn’t have time to arrange childcare for her kids. She said her manager told her that if she couldn’t work this new schedule, she should just quit immediately.I assumed she was exaggeratingContinue reading “The Handbook Doesn’t Say I Have To Do That (A Guest post by TheBuzzonHR)”

The 7 Stages of Negative Feedback

Ever been in a situation where you’ve had to give professional negative feedback or receive it yourself? If you’ve been in either situation – it’s tough.  From both sides of the table.  In my career I’ve had to tell employees that their performance isn’t meeting expectations and it always leaves me with an upset stomach.  I can’t imagine thatContinue reading “The 7 Stages of Negative Feedback”