What You Need to Know About Inappropriate Interview Questions

Some common questions I get from hiring managers are which questions you can “legally” ask and which ones you can’t. Most are shocked when I say that you can legally ask any question…only to see disappointment on their face when I say “…you just can’t discriminate based on the answer, so it’s best not toContinue reading “What You Need to Know About Inappropriate Interview Questions”

Training is Like Unsubscribing

Training is a lot like unsubscribing… You know how you have those emails that pop up from places you previously purchased items online, or a online club you joined, or simply just spam.  And when it pops into your e-mail inbox – what do you do? Delete. A few days, maybe a week, or even a monthContinue reading “Training is Like Unsubscribing”

Having Lazy Employees is Your Fault

Dear Managers, I’m tired of you labeling employees as “lazy.”  First off, it’s name-calling and in some cases (where it goes too far) it could be constituted as bullying.  So you have an employee that’s not cutting the mustard?  Try out these tips below: To continue reading go this post on blogging4jobs.com…

Best Blog Posts of 2012

I collect words of wisdom to help my professional development. Here’s a look back at some that really were worth the CTRL+C & CTRL+V. Here they are: When I think about my own experiences where I was not a cultural fit, the friction and tension I felt was rooted in the desire for acceptance andContinue reading “Best Blog Posts of 2012”

10 Life/Work Lessons from 2012

It isn’t all about you. It’s about them.  Communication truly helps solve most problems.  Have goals.  Mistakes are learning opportunities.  Find a mentor and them shower them with thanks for their help.  Exercise everyday.  Join a group, go to a conference, use social media – Network.  Listen more. Talk less.  You are not your job, but youContinue reading “10 Life/Work Lessons from 2012”

Organizational Charts – 5 Reasons Your Employees Love Them

Courtesy of http://oldsaltshaker.blogspot.com In the multiple small businesses I’ve worked for, there’s one thing that it seems management never wants to do that employees love:  Organizational Charts. Often the gripe I’ve heard is that Organizational Charts are a) a waste of time, b) change too often so what’s the point of making one and c) who has the time.Continue reading “Organizational Charts – 5 Reasons Your Employees Love Them”

Overqualified Candidates

via  mycareermapping.com I’ve been asked multiple times at conferences and by executives a common question, “What are your thoughts on hiring someone who is overqualified?” I never understand why Managers are very often hesitant to hire a candidate with years of experience or who have worked in a “higher ranked” position than they are applying. To me it’s like finding theContinue reading “Overqualified Candidates”

We can’t all be cheerleaders…

photo credit: crawford orthodontics via photopin cc  When I was in 8th grade I decided that I was going to try out to be a cheerleader.  Having never done this before, I was always in sports, but never anything so girly as Cheerleading.  And at the time I was a black lipstick and nail polish wearing, constantly in cut offContinue reading “We can’t all be cheerleaders…”

Lessons in HR from Tron

At the risk of completely nerding it up, I’m a big Tron fan and have found much insight from the movie. It’s amazing how they apply to the business world.   Enjoy! Performance ExpectationsSark: Greetings. The Master Control Program has chosen you to serve your system on the Game Grid. Those of you who continueContinue reading “Lessons in HR from Tron”

Saying "Yes and…"

I absolutely love Tina Fey.  30 Rock is one of the shows that after one episode on Netflix I find myself having watched 5 in a row and giggling the entire time.  I relate to her character Liz Lemon who is in a position of high authority and responsibility, but insecure in her decision making, just likeContinue reading “Saying "Yes and…"”