I Just Called To Say…

I work remotely every day. That means I’m sitting in an office miles away from my other locations and employees and therefore I can’t do the normal interaction which helps to build relationships. One of the small things I try to do is call the front desk whenever I’m looking for a manager or employee,Continue reading “I Just Called To Say…”

Fairy Tale Jobs: Tips on Making Your Workplace A Place Employees Want to Work In (Guest post by Ashley Shaw with XpertHR)

Photo from mydisneyadventures When children are asked what they want to be when they grow up, the answer is almost always about an overwhelmingly exciting opportunity, such as a princess or a superhero. What do kids look for in a future job? Usually, it’s fun, fame, and fortune. Even if you aren’t currently in theContinue reading “Fairy Tale Jobs: Tips on Making Your Workplace A Place Employees Want to Work In (Guest post by Ashley Shaw with XpertHR)”

HRTact Speaking at SQL Saturday in Baton Rouge (Aug 3, 2013)

If you are located in and around the Baton Rouge area and free on Saturday, August 3rd please come to the SQL Saturday Conference in Baton Rouge. SQL Saturday is a free 1-day training event for IT professionals that focus on providing a variety of high-quality technical sessions by local volunteers. For the career developmentContinue reading “HRTact Speaking at SQL Saturday in Baton Rouge (Aug 3, 2013)”

How to Tell a Temp GTFO

I’m calling some manager’s out for not having the cajones to deal with temps.  Temporary workers are something that I’ve had a lot of experience using and there’s some good temp agencies and some bad. Is it just me or does it seem like managers don’t know what to do with temps upon termination? WhenContinue reading “How to Tell a Temp GTFO”

"Hey, How’s it Going?"

I have a great boss right now.  It’s still early on to really determine as to whether or not this is a long-term fact or if I’m still in the honeymoon phase with the whole idea, but there’s one thing in particular that I like about my boss.  Every once and a while, at leastContinue reading “"Hey, How’s it Going?"”

SpongeBob and The Human Resources Guy

How employee’s view HR I recently caught an episode of SpongeBob that made me giggle. “Selling Out” is an episode where Mr. Krabs sells the Krusty Krabs to a franchise.  They are a big corporation and make a bunch of big changes and hilarity ensues.  Watch a clip here. First, I love SpongeBob.  In factContinue reading “SpongeBob and The Human Resources Guy”

The Day HR Got Real #BRHRCarnival: It’s Business AND it’s Personal

Down here in the Red Stick there’s a few of us HR Bloggers who stand out as ladies in our field.  We’re ambitious, intelligent, and drink way too much… But in our moment of sober clarity we decided to all three of us post about our “Day HR Got Real.  Three real stories – fromContinue reading “The Day HR Got Real #BRHRCarnival: It’s Business AND it’s Personal”

Performance Evaluations, You’re Doing Them Wrong

So I’m not a huge fan of performance evaluations.  I’m kind of on the fence about the entire practice. In some environments that are able to support it, I think it’s easier just getting rid of them and create a “constant feedback” but that takes training, time, investment, and continual effort from everyone.  Whereas, the traditional performance evaluation methodContinue reading “Performance Evaluations, You’re Doing Them Wrong”